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Welcome to Skive College

Skive College came into existence when Skive Business School and Higher Technical College merged in 2017. The school provides more than 30 vocational educations and two kinds of upper secondary school: Higher technical examination (HTX) and Higher commercial examination (HHX). In addition, we offer a wide range of further education and courses. Our educations are developed in close association with business community and the institutions of higher educations. We qualifies the students for both profession career and higher education based on their potential and talent. At Skive College we emphasize professionalism, creativity, innovation and internationalization.

This page will introduce you to some of the international work we do at Skive College. We believe that we all can learn a lot from cooperating and getting ideas from abroad which is why we are active in international projects funded with support from the European Commission. The students and staff make the acquaintance of internationalization by study trips, exchanges, work placement abroad and by meeting some of the exchange students from other countries here in Skive.


High Voltage Education and Courses

Due to the raising demands of energy supply and usage, we see an urgent global growing demand for educated and skilled technicians on the High Voltage area. 

Read more about our courses here: Courses.

Work placement abroad

Skive College offers help to find work placements for trainees in companies all over the world for periods of 1-12 months.

A Danish refund scheme, named Work Placement Abroad covers all travelling costs if the work placement is longer than 1 month, and the foreign company pays a salary equivalent to that of national trainees at the same level of education. Our students have the basic vocational skills and are highly motivated to work and learn during their placements abroad. Contact our International Coordinator for more information.

Exchange programs

Skive College has a long tradition for working with internationalization. We send and receive many apprentices every year for exchange programs in and from all over Europe. This applies to both school and internships.  

We cooperate with many VET schools in Europe, who help us organize the programs and work placements, like we organize programs for their students.

Here you can read more about the different exchange programs that we do now.

Exchange Programs

Boarding House

In connection with Skive College lies our Boarding House. The Boarding House is our housing offer for students who live far from Skive College. The Boarding House is also an offer to our exchange students and foreign course participants.

Find more information here.


If you have questions about our international activities you are always welcome to contact our project manager.

Jochi Bahat
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