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Welcome to Skive College

This is our English homepage with a short presentation of Skive College and our international activities and projects.

Skive College came into existence when Skive Business School and Higher Technical College merged in 2017. The school provides more than 30 vocational educations and two kinds of gymnasium: Higher technical examination and Higher commercial examination. In
addition, we offer a wide range of further education. Our educations are developed in close association with business community and the institutions of higher educations. Skive College qualifies the students for both business and higher education based on their potential and talent.

At Skive College we emphasize professionalism, creativity, innovation and internationalization. This page will introduce you to some of the international work we do at Skive College. At Skive College we believe, that we all can learn a lot from cooperating and getting ideas from abroad which is why we are active in international projects funded with support from the European Commission. Internationalization is a part of the everyday life at Skive College. The students and staff make the acquaintance of internationalization by study trips, exchanges, work placement abroad and by meeting some of the exchange students from other countries here in Skive.

Work placement abroad

Skive College offers help to find work placements for trainees in companies all over the world for periods of 1-12 months.

A Danish refund scheme, named Work Placement Abroad covers all travelling costs if the work placement is longer than 1 month, and the foreign company pays a salary equivalent to that of national trainees at the same level of education. Our students have the basic vocational skills and are highly motivated to work and learn during their placements abroad. Contact our International Coordinator for more information.


Hospital cleaners Innovative Training - H.I.T.

This project is based on developing new and better digital learning tools, APPS, for the hospital industry, for service assistants to access these materials without necessarily having to gather on the school bench. It is an international partnership between Denmark, France, Finland and Estonia.

There are over 3,6 million employed in cleaning in Europe. Added to the common hazards faced by cleaners (noise, vibration, slipping, musculoskeletal disorders, stress from long working hours) cleaners in healthcare facilities face additional hazards. There is possible exposure to micro-organisms, blood-borne pathogens, contact with animals and their waste, and infections from salmonella or campylobacter. Evidence has been given by the European Agency for Safety and Health that an increase of infection from noroviruses among cleaning staff for lack of proper training and risk awareness.

In many European countries, cleaning trade suffers a poor image and is depreciated. Consequently, very few people choose this trade as a vocational training and career. In Denmark and France, for instance, many members of cleaning teams are unqualified and have learnt their work by doing. The solution would be ongoing training but the organization of work in health care facilities with shifts makes it difficult for cleaning managers to organize an efficient training scheme. More, due to its poor image and to persistent prejudices among managing teams, when there are decisions to make and choices to make in training because of financial reasons, cleaning is not the priority.

This project focuses on competencies via high standards and proper qualifications.

We aim to upgrade cooperation, professional standards and qualifications by exploring a new cooperation paths insuring well-trained cleaners/graduates that adequately fill the skill’s gap.

We wish to enhance the quality and relevance of the learning offer, developing new and innovative approaches and tools and support the dissemination of best practices within the health care industry.

Raise the awareness of the importance of cleaner’s role in the hygiene chain. And enhance the competencies and knowledge of cleaners

The target group is V.E.T. learners in cleaning trade, cleaning staff in healthcare facilities


If you have questions about our international activities you are always welcome to contact our project manager.

Maren Møller Vestergård
23 72 72 20