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Skive College provides more than 25 vocational educations and two kinds of upper secondary school: Higher technical examination and Higher commercial examination. In addition, we offer a wide range of further education and courses.

At Skive College we emphasize professionalism, creativity, innovation and internationalization. This page will introduce you to some of the international work we do at Skive College.


High Voltage Education and Courses

There is a raising demands of energy supply and usage and we see an urgent global growing demand for educated and skilled technicians on the High Voltage area. At Skive College, we specialize in exactly this type of courses.

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Exchange Programs

International partners and students

Skive College has for several years worked internationally and is now looking to expand this cooperation.

Skive College has hosted several educational visits from among others German, French, and Dutch students with great success. Now Skive College is looking to expand this and is looking for new partners from which Skive College can receive students from or send students to. At Skive College we emphasize professionalism, creativity, innovation, and internationalization. Therefore, we have a close collaboration with companies. In this collaboration we find apprenticeships for our students and with a close dialogue with the companies we ensure that we make the right match between company and student.