Near Town, right by the School

Welcome the Students’ Residence

Our college is more than just a place to study – it’s a vibrant community where students cultivate new interests, build networks, and support each other on their educational journey.

An environment where education and community go hand in hand.

Skive College Vocational College is for everyone, but especially for those who live far from the education they desire. If you have to travel more than 75 minutes by public transport to the nearest school offering your education, you are eligible for a subsidy.
The Students’ Residence staff supervise the building and is available to help you with practical things. We greet you when you arrive and say goodbye when you depart. You are always welcome to bring your questions to the staff in the reception. You can read more about the reception’s opening hours, accommodation, and departure below in the section “Practical information”.

Community and activities

The building is situated in a scenic area near Karup river and within walking distance to the centre of Skive town. It is also only a short distance from Krabbesholm forest and Skive Fjord. The Students’ Residence has facilities for a variety of activities and social interaction, such as:
Exercise and boxing gym
Table tennis
Billiards/pool/table football
Outdoor sports activities
Music workshop
Pistol / rifle shooting

Boardgames, card games

The vocational college is not just a place to live. It’s a huge community.

Chris, Student

Discounted Activities

When you live at the vocational college, you can get special discounts at the following places in town:

Agreements with other companies/changes in current agreements may occur. As a student at Skive College, you also receive a digital student card – Studiz. The app serves as a portal for both online and local student discounts, so you can easily find and obtain updated and unique student discounts as well as special, time-limited study deals with your smartphone.

Practical information


The Students’ Residence has room for 150 residents. All rooms have their own entrance and bathroom, and each floor has a shared kitchen as well as a common room with a TV. The rooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, mirror, etc.

In the shared kitchen on each floor, you will find a stove, electric kettle, coffee machine, and refrigerator available for use.

The Students’ Residence also has rooms for studying, either individually or in groups, and you also have the option to enter the school for study activities.

Reception and staff

The reception is open with accommodating staff within the following hours:

Monday – Friday 6:00-8:00
Monday – Thursday 15:00-23:00

Staff is present at the students’ residence through the night. The staff can be contacted during the night in case of emergency on tel. +45 99 14 92 49.

Arrival and departure

The Students’ Residence is open for arrivals within the following hours:

Monday – Thursday 15:00-22:00
Sunday/Public holidays 18:00-22:00

When you first arrive, contact the staff in the reception to the left of the main entrance. You will be given a keycard which is used for your room but also for gaining access to the school outside of class hours.

Bed linen, duvet, pillow, and towels can be rented from the students’ residence.

On the final day of your course, you must be checked out of your room and have returned your keycard to the reception at latest by 7:45. Your room must be left in a neat and orderly condition. If it is very messy or dirty, you will be charged a fee for extra cleaning.

Dining, Cleaning, Laundry

Your stay at the Students’ Residence includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is served in the school’s canteen. Bring your keycard for all meals.

Contact the kitchen staff, if you have any dietary requirements, and we will accommodate them.

You are responsible for keeping your room clean and tidy. The cleaning staff carry out an extra cleaning of the toilet and bathroom sink every 3rd week. The cleaning staff must be able to enter your room with their cart of cleaning supplies.

Cleaning supplies can be found in the shared kitchens. Toilet paper can be collected for free from a locker in the reception.

The basement of the Students’ Residence is equipped with a laundry room and tumble dryer. Laundry tokens can be purchased from the reception.

The laundry room is open for use between the hours of 13:00 and 22:00.


The Students’ Residence has no insurance. You are responsible for your own insurance during your stay.


You can pick up post from the reception after 15:00.

The address of the students’ residence is:

Your name and room number
Skive College
Kongsvingervej 1, postboks 20
7800 Skive

House rules

  • Exhibit considerate and respectful behaviour
  • All instructions from the staff must be followed
  • No noisy activities past 23:00
  • Your keycard is personal and must not be lend out to others
  • No pets allowed
  • All tobacco related products are banned indoors and outdoors (however, there is a marked off outdoor area where smoking is allowed)
  • Narcotics and alcohol in any form are strictly forbidden in the common areas as well as in the rooms